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For more than 150 years, Claflin University has been guided by a vision of excellence in education, research and graduating outstanding men and women who selflessly lead and serve. Our vision, during the last 22 years, of preparing a diverse population of students who complete and succeed in a global and technological society has evolved significantly due to the encouragement and loyal support of alumni and friends. Because of their generous support and the dedication of our leadership, faculty and staff, Claflin University is now recognized as one of the premier liberal arts institutions in the country.

The Division of Institutional Advancement has increased its capacity to raise funds and has, expanded relationships with alumni, with students and parents, and have strengthened ties with external constituencies while communicating and promoting Claflin’s achievements to new levels.

As we strive to continue to advance the University’s goals, we have strategically positioned ourselves to connect with our growing circle of supporters who are committed to Claflin’s universal potential. We are on course to become one of the world’s leading institutions of higher education by developing men and women of vision who demonstrate extraordinary achievement, distinctive confidence and a lifelong desire to transform society through leadership and service.

To learn more about supporting Claflin and its mission of preparing world visionaries, I invite you to contact me or members of the Advancement staff. We look forward to personally telling you about funding opportunities for our alumni and friends.

Contact Address

Division of Institutional Advancement

400 Magnolia Street Orangeburg, SC 29115
Phone: (803) 535-5628
Toll Free: (888) 223-7103
Fax: (803) 535-5371

Contact Us


Mrs. Barbara Chappell
Acting Vice President of Institutional Advancement
E-mail: bchappell@claflin.edu
Phone: (803)-535-5238

Mrs. Adrenna A. Glover
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
E-mail: adglover@claflin.edu
Phone: (803)-535-5312
Fax: (803)-535-5371

Rev. Vivian Lingard
Administrative Assistant
E-mail: vlingard@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5375
Fax: (803) 535-5371

Ms. Veronica Cohen
Associate VP of Institutional Advancement
E mail: vcohen@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5376

Mrs. Zelda Lee
Director of Annual Fund/Alumni Relations
E-mail: zelee@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5348

Mr. Freddie Kirkland
Special Assistant for Alumni Relations
E-mail: fkirkland@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5462 

Ms. Brianna Kelly
Manager of the Call Center 
E-mail: bkelly@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5377
Fax: (803) 535-5352

Mrs. Thelma Watson
Associate Administrative Assistant for Annual Fund/Alumni Relations
E-mail: tswatson@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5722
Fax: (803) 535-5371

Ms. Yolanda Williams
Director of Prospect Research
E-mail: ywilliams@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5509
Fax: (803) 535-5371

Mrs. Michelle Manning Henry
Major and Planned Gifts Officer
E-mail: mhenry@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5628
Fax: (803) 535-5628

Ms. Tabatha Livingston
Administrative Assistant for Major and Planned Gifts
E-mail: talivingston@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5044
Fax: (803) 535-5371

Ms. Andrea Grant
Director of Advancement Services, Gift Processing and Acknowledgment
E-mail: agrant@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5357
Fax: (803) 535-5352

Ms. Angel Oliver
Manager of Gift Processing and Management
E-mail: anoliver@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5375
Fax: (803) 535-5352

Mr. J. Craig Cotton
Director of Public Relations
E-mail: jocotton@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5350

Ms. Brittny Cokely
Multimedia Graphic Designer
E-mail: bcokley@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5751

Mr. Colin Myers
Web Communications Manager
Email: colin.myers@claflin.edu
Phone: (803) 535-5668

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