Experiential Learning

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
- Aristotle

Knowledge you get from a classroom is wonderful thing. But the understanding you gain from applying that knowledge yourself in a real-world setting may be the most valuable learning of all. Learning by doing helps stimulate thought and inspire action, and is therefore essential to the Claflin imperative of preparing students for leadership and service in a multicultural, global and technological society.

Opportunities for experiential learning abound at Claflin. Many community-based learning elements are integrated into the curriculum across various schools and departments. There are also co-curricular programs and opportunities that allow you to develop important skills through practice and reflection.

Experiential Learning Opportunities


An internship is an excellent way to "try out" an organization that you have targeted as a possible future employer; moreover, it exposes you to your chosen field, its challenges and its nuances in ways a textbook could not. You will build on what you learn in the classroom, developing that "Claflin Confidence", plus you will begin to develop an all-important professional network.


Undergraduate Student Leadership

Undergraduate Student Leadership provides a great opportunity for students to influence, motivate, and guide others toward achievement of their goals. Through leadership you will have the confidence to lead through ambiguity, the skills to solve real-world problems and the understanding to be able to inspire others. 

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Service Learning

Service Learning  programs enhance community alliances and open students' eyes to the benefits and joys of service. Through their efforts, students gain leadership skills, societal insight and interpersonal skills as well as valuable work experience. Service Learning helps build the bridge between serving and learning. 


Undergraduate Student Research

Are you interested in exploring a specific topic in your field of study? Through Undergraduate Student Research you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a faculty mentor, as well as work independently, to make a contribution to your discipline through research and real world application. These opportunities are beneficial in preparing you for graduate and/or professional school. 

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Study Abroad

A new city and culture becomes your expanded classroom through Study Abroad. Opportunities across the world allow you to develop a whole range of new skills while broadening your concept of what a global society is and how it functions. Take advantage of opportunities to study in another country or study away with an institution within the United States.

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