Sustainability at Claflin

Sustainability begins at home. See some of the many ways we are reducing our environmental impact and promoting a healthier planet.

Dining Center with Solar Panels on Roof


  • Princeton Review's Guide to 361 Green Colleges 
  • Building Green Initiative Top 10 Green HBCUs 
  • Recognized in 2013 by the Clark Atlanta University Building Green Initiative 
  • Won the $25,000 Grand Prize in PepsiCo Recycling's Campus Recycling Challenge
  • Signed the "American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment"

Commitment to Sustainability

Claflin's remarkable commitment to sustainability is evident university wide!

  • Earth Day Celebration/Tree Planting - Yearly community event featuring local businesses and organizations who support sustainability.
  • Cutting-edge research with biofuels and bioremediation. Our world-class faculty have added research related to removing Chromium-6, a cancer-causing chemical found in our drinking water.
  • Hybrid Campus Cars - Vehicles such as the Ford Fusion and the Toyota Prius were purchased and are used for long distance travel and school use.
  • Dining hall trays have been eliminated to conserve water.
  • Fiscal AfƵs Green Projects - Online direct deposit, online check stubs and electronic timesheets significantly reduces the use of paper forms. 
  • Campus recycling containers located in all buildings on campus and on the yard.
  • A new campus energy policy launched in 2014, establishing standards and guidelines for energy use at Claflin.
  • Water Bottle Filtration System - located in various campus buildings as water fill-up stations.
  • Solar panel systems on the dining hall, Corson Hall and Kleist Hall reduce energy consumption.
  • Biodigester equipment in the dining hall composts food waste.
  • The construction of Claflin Commons includes an energy recovery ventilation system that provides better indoor air quality and reduces energy costs.
  • Hydris, an on-site Generation system, produces a green cleaning solution that is utilized by housekeeping.
  • Clothing Donation - Clothing that is left by students in the residential halls after spring semester is donated to Goodwill. 

Environmental Impact Report

Download the Environmental Impact Report - 2016 (PDF)
Download the Environmental Impact Report - 2017 (PDF)
Download the Sustainability at Claflin University report

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